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1st Century Instructional Plan: Plan Design & Description

 This week’s written assignment is an instructional (lesson) plan design in two parts. First, you will use one of the templates from Week two to create your instructional plan. Consider selecting the template you identified in the week two assignment as potentially being the most effective plan.  

1st Century Instructional Plan: Plan Design & Description

Part 1: Instructional Plan Design
Synthesize what you have learned thus far by developing an instructional plan utilizing one of the templates provided in Week Two. Be sure to consult the Instructor Guidance for added support in creating a high quality instructional plan.

Your instructional plan must include the following components regardless of the format you choose:

  • Grade level content standard (using either math or ELA standards)
  • Appropriate ISTE standards for students
  • Learning objective (clear, measurable, describes WHO will do WHAT and HOW)
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility (each phase clearly labeled and utilized)
  • Differentiated instruction (how you will reach all learners)
  • Evidence of purposeful rigor and student thinking – at least two levels of Depth of Knowledge (DOK), clearly labeled
  • At least one purposeful question posed by the teacher to promote critical thinking
  • Assessment FOR learning; provide two different ways to assess including authentic formative assessment
  • Use of technology that supports the learning outcome and instructional strategies

Part 2: Description
Following the instructional plan and within the same document, provide a one- to two-page synopsis of your plan, in essay format. Elaborate on areas that are difficult to show on the instructional plan, such as how you applied Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to the activities and/or assessments.

  • Describe the stages at which you will assess students, and explain how you will use this data to adjust your instruction and provide students with feedback.
  • Last, discuss the technology you chose to integrate and the purpose it will serve in helping students meet the learning objective.

Cite at least three scholarly sources, including those prescribed for the week’s learning, CCSS and ISTE standards.


  Write your plan as if a substitute teacher is going to follow it for your group of students.  There should be no question as to what they are to teach and how as well as what students are responsible for and how.

IMPORTANT: You are designing a single lesson for a single subject only which involves either math or English/language arts (ELA) to occur over a typical and appropriate length of time depending on the age/grade level and type of lesson. That could mean a half hour lesson for a Kindergarten class or up to 90 minutes for any other.  Do not construct and submit a unit plan.  

TIP 2: 


I hope everyone is doing great!  Below is a video where I go over the Week 3 assignment for you.  For this lesson plan, you will need to pick one of the three lesson plans that you reviewed for your Week 2 assignment and develop your own lesson plan.  What I did was create a science lesson plan using each of the three lesson plan templates to serve as an example of the level of detail I am looking for.  I will attach each of these lesson plans within this announcement thread, so scroll down to access them.  It is my hope that the exemplars will help you see the level of detail I am looking for.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  


Lesson Plan 

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