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ACC220 Grantham Blount Memorial Hospital Accounts Receivable Analysis


Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length

One way for organizations to generate revenue is through accounts receivables. Go to Yahoo Finance and select a company. Then, share with class on one of the company’s receivables. Go to at least 2 other colleagues’ posts and provide the colleague’s selected company’s accounts receivable turnover.

Respond to the 2 following posts

– The company that I chose for this week’s discussion is called Bausch Health Companies INC or BHC. The company’s revenue through shares is 23.90. I decided to use the balance sheet and find the net receivables. The net receivables for 12/31/18 is 1,865,000. This is the most current net receivable and it dates back the last 3 years prior. This is an important factor in calculating your total assets.

– For this week’s discussion I looked at Under Armour. For the quarter that ended March of 2019 the accounts receivable for Under Armour was $744 million. When places like Academy Sport or Kohl’s place an order for Under Armour apparel to be sold in their stores they are invoiced and have a set time to pay. These outstanding balances are the Accounts receivable. I am too surprised with these numbers as Under Armour is a popular brand. I also found their stock prices rising still which again isn’t too surprising as so many people are buying their products.

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