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activity8/discussion2/Psychology 1300

activity8/discussion2/Psychology 1300

 Option 1 – Define stress.  Identify and describe the three (3) main  types of stressors.  Provide an example of each type of these  stressors.  List the P.O.W.E.R. principles/steps in effectively managing  stress.  In thinking about your own stressors, describe three (3)  healthy coping strategies that you have employed in the past or that you  could use in the future to help you effectively manage these stressors. 


Respond to all of the following:

  • What are some stressors college students may have (indicate at least 3)? 
  • Explore  more online about promoting psychological or physical well-being or  managing stress healthily. Indicate the website address or article link  that you explored.  Briefly summarize the information you read about.  Provide an explanation as to why one of the strategies/techniques  mentioned in the article or on a website might be especially helpful for  a college student.

Note:  There are up to 25 points to earn for this assignment. 

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