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Age 2 Toddler


A. Physical:

1. Child’s height and weight at age 2? 

2. Motor skills/abilities?

3. Favorite activities and toys? 

4. Age of walking?

5. Sleeping patterns

6. Eating behaviors (favorite foods)

B. Social/emotional

1.  Temperament

2. Attachment

3. Relationship with Family members (how do they interact with parents and siblings?) Do they spend time with extended family members

4. (Bronfenbrenner) Does the child spend time with other children? If so, how do they interact with the children?

5. Erikson: Does the child exhibit trust or mistrust?

6. Erikson: How does the child show autonomy and how do the parents respond to the child’s need for autonomy?

C:  Cognitive

1.  Age of talking (including first words)

2. Examples of language errors

3. Piaget: How does the child exhibit learning through use of Sensorimotor skills (when did the child develop object permanence?)

4. Vygotsy: how has the child learned skills through interactions with others? 

C.  Apply Freud or other theory  

 You may answer in short phrases or choose to submit more complete paragraphs.  

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