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Amazon Paper Part V

Business Project – Part V (Reflection)


Part Five – Reflection – 50 Points   

A.      Be sure paper is in APA format and add the cover page and abstract page to this paper.

 A.    You may have known something about this company when the project started; so after this investigation “Identify three things that you did not know about” (maybe it is a product, market, legal or environmental issue it is dealing with, ethical perspective, how it financed growth, technical issues it is dealing with, etc.) and briefly reflect on how they impact the business model.

B.    For the “final step of the critical thinking problem-solving process (Step 5), “S”, you will scrutinize the process and self-correct as needed. Please restate the Problem Statement, then write the paper for step 5. 

Scrutinizing the whole process enables us to see possible flaws and gaps in our thinking so that we can correct ourselves before we make a mistake. In turn, self-correcting can lead us to necessary reconsiderations of any aspect of our problem-solving process: We may realize that we should reassess the nature of the problem, rework our priorities, gather more information, identify a new option, more carefully anticipate likely consequences, reassess our expectations, and, in the end, make a better decision. This final step is our assurance that the problem has been resolved sufficiently for the current time and circumstances. (Facione, Gittens,  p.47)


Be sure that you are reflecting on the entire process – were you partial or fair-minded?  Did you look at both sides? Did you gather enough relevant information? Did you completely think through the entire process?  Did you make the best decision under the circumstances? Did you make a timely decision? Are you willing to make adjustments or revise your decision if outcomes are not attained?



Write to purpose, there is no page length or word count required. 

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