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APA webinar


ZOOM Link for recording

Once you have viewed the recording, please complete the 3 very basic exercises below and email the answers to me at [email protected]  I will then add your name to the list of attendees of the Wednesday session.


A “Changing Culture of Fatherhood”:

Effects on Affectionate Communication, Closeness, and Satisfaction in Men’s Relationships with their Fathers and their Sons

Western Journal of Communication, Volume 66, Issue No 4, Pages 395 to 411, Published 2002.

Mark T. Morman and Kory Floyd


Please complete a Reference for the article above


For the following quotation, which is from page 399 of the article mentioned above, please provide a) Narrative citation and b) Parenthetical citation:


“During the early part of the 1990s, the role of the American father was not only one of participation in home life but also of concentrated attention to the social and psychological development of his children.”

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