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Apologetics discussion #2

Apologetics discussion #2

Write a 400 word essay responding to the following: 

Use at least 2 scholarly sources and reference them within the text.

You are on a plane during an hour-long flight from Cincinnati to Detroit. Sitting next to you is a young 24-year-old man named Tim. He recently graduated with his master’s degree in microbiology and is on his way to his first job interview. Tim notices that you are reading your Bible so he asks you how you became a Christian. After sharing your testimony, Tim replies, “Well I’m happy that religion works for you. Personally, I can’t accept the historical reliability of the Bible because it was written by biased people—people that already believed in Jesus before they wrote anything down. The Bible is not scientific and conflicts with reason. As a man of science, I cannot accept the Bible because I only pay attention to facts and evidence. First of all, there is no way that someone could be raised from the dead; second of all, the facts of the world show us that the world is full of evil—disease, poverty, death, earthquakes etc. If there really is a benevolently good God, then He would not have created a world with so much evil and destruction.”

After Tim makes this statement, the plane descends into Detroit. You don’t have time to reply to Tim, but you ask him for his email address and he says he would be glad for you to email him your replies to his complaints. In a letter/email format, respond to Tim’s arguments against the validity of Christianity. You must first identify Tim’s arguments, then choose the best method or approach to his objections. Then create your apologetical response based on his complaints and based on what you have learned in this class.

Remember, Tim is a very intelligent person. For him to receive your message, you must be very articulate in the crafting of your apologetic. You must also use correct grammar and spelling (please spell-check before submitting). Based on his concerns, it appears that he will not accept an apologetic based only upon Bible verses that verify their own authority. Thus, you must approach this apologetic from the material we covered in this course and in your reading. If you need to conduct further research before responding to Tim, please do so.

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