Essay of your choice needed for TOMORROW

M2 Essay 2: Logical Argument Essay (due end of week 4)Prewrite, write, and revise to create a logical argument essay analyzing an issue of your choice (approx. 5 pages, double-spaced). Submit the final version of your logical argument essay here. Write an essay of you choice, anything, just not personal. Do no mention yourself.

Reflection answers approx 150 words each.

Learning Pod Discussion:  PLEASE WRITE 1 OF THEM FIRST AND LET ME CHECK WEATHER IT MEETS THE REQUIREMENT. Short reflection, 150 words or more for each.  You should watch the videos and read the short articles listed below sometime during this week.  While I would recommend that you meet in your Learning Pods to discuss

Persuasive Speech project presentation

Please submit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint only. You must  submit a full-sentence outline and Powerpoint by the deadline (7/13) in  order to give your speech in class. Your submissions will be checked for  plagiarism via safe Assign. Please make sure that you properly  paraphrase, and summarize. Direct quotations should not be more than 10%

wk 7 assign 6

The Strayer Oracle Server may be used to test and compile the SQL Queries developed for this assignment. Your instructor will provide you with login credentials to a Strayer University maintained Oracle server. Imagine that you work for a finance industry-based organization. Your organization is looking to submit its database design documentation to an evaluation

Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper Paper

Use the product and organization you identified in your Week 3 Strategy and Positioning Paper. Write a 500- word paper that includes:A detailed description of the features of your product or service including how it solves the needs of your target marketA description of how your marketing efforts will change with each phase in the product

Week 1 Discussion

  Supporting Lectures: Review the following lectures: Organizations and Organizational Design Organizational Structure Before beginning work on this discussion forum, please review the link “Doing Discussion Questions Right” and any specific instructions for this topic. Before the end of the week, begin commenting on at least two of your classmates’ responses. You can ask technical

Discussion due Thursday CRMJ class

Describe the characteristics of police professionalism, and how this relates to ethics?  What are the most ethical issues in today’s era of policing? Discussion Guidelines According to Grant (2002), officers must also maintain their personal lives private and acknowledge the badge as a symbol of public faith and confidence. The police code of conduct and

260 word newsletter on the Respiratory System

  newsletter (260 to 350 words), in your own words.  Microsoft Word has a newsletter template that can be utilized for your assignment. Each of the following elements must be included in your Respiratory System newsletter. Identify the structure and function of the respiratory system. Identify the major structures found in the system. Define the

Can you rewrite an essay much more better?

Can you rewrite an essay much more better? Can you rewrite an essay much more better? . The topic for this essay is American dream. And I already wrote it a lot(2 and a half pages with double space MLA style). My proffessor wants more strong contents and details. Actually I am an internatnional student and this

Sociology Homework Help

Symbolic Interaction helps us grasp how people create and interpret the experiences of their social lives. This applies to racial and ethnic groups also in that they are not simply passive in their interactions with other groups in a society, but are rather creatively responsive to their circumstances.Write a 500-750-word essay that discusses and illustrates