Write minimum of 250 words discussion to the question below

Description Visit the website for one of the following companies below and read about the company’s product and operations. Discuss the pros and cons of absorption and variable costing as the basis for product costing if the firm uses cost-based pricing. Write a minimum of 250 words response with one citation and reference. Coca-Cola www.coca-cola.com […]

Kaplan University Material Items in Liabilities and Equity Questions

Description Because liabilities and equity are material items on a company’s balance sheet, auditors look at these areas very closely. You will demonstrate your understanding of audit tests over different aspects of liabilities and equity in your response to this Assignment.

Cal State Fullerton Green Pastures Budgetary Planning and Control Paper

Description Scenario: Green Pastures is a 400-acre farm on the outskirts of the Kentucky Bluegrass, specializing in the boarding of broodmares and their foals. A recent economic downturn in the thoroughbred industry has led to a decline in breeding activities, and it has made the boarding business extremely competitive. To meet the competition, Green Pastures […]

CPA and Client Confidentiality Case Discussion

Description John Jones, CPA, has been in business preparing tax returns for 20 years. On January 2, 2013, without consent of his clients, Mr. Jones “compiled a list of specific taxpayer information which could be used to contact taxpayers on the list to provide tax information and general business or economic information or analysis for […]

Answer the question below.

Description Activity based costing does a better job of allocating both direct and indirect cost than traditional methods do. Activity based costing cannot be applied in a business school. Are these statements true, false, or uncertain? Explain the reasoning for your answers. Requirments: Answer all questions completely. Post should be 230 words or more, use […]

American Public Univerity Ch 12 Petrocal Inc Accounting Equation Problems

Description Complete the following assignment found at the end of the chapter in the text: Chapter 12: Problem 35 (See attachment for the details) This assignment does not have a standard template. Complete the balanced score card in presentation format to present to management your findings and recommendations. The presentation should contain all information required […]

(2) Learnsmart connect– no thinking required– no need to know accounting

Description assignments are in connect. log in will be given once bid is accepted. This is 3 chapters worth!! mainly you are supposed to read the chapter and answer questions about it… but you can just answer the questions without reading because it has unlimited tries until you get right… and you still get 100% […]

Identifying Loss Contingencies

Description Once the audit evidence is gathered and the testing is complete, how do you know there are no other items outstanding? To ensure the audit is complete, it is important to examine loss contingencies. Jason Long, CPA, has completed his examination of accounts payable and other liabilities of the Jackson Company. He has now […]

ACC220 Grantham Blount Memorial Hospital Accounts Receivable Analysis

Description Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length One way for organizations to generate revenue is through accounts receivables. Go to Yahoo Finance and select a company. Then, share with class on one of the company’s […]

Discuss topic

Description we now find that we need to accumulate the costs (Direct material, Direct labor and Overhead costs) of specific jobs so that we can track how much that job (or product) costs us to manufacture (or to provide service if we are a service organization). Discuss topic : Imagine you are the manager for […]