Module 3 Preterm/Labor

   Part 2: Objective information: Fetal heart tones are 130, with minimal variability Vaginal exam is 4 cm/90%effaced/ -1 station She is complaining of pain – 8/10 on a numerical scale. An IV has been started with an 18 gauge catheter with 1 liter of Lactated Ringers at 150 ml per hr in left forearm.How

Political speech

* chose a political speech and give 5-6 reason why are you with or without do not chose any topic about the president   * have 3 factual sources about that it should be from book or google scalar  tell about theses sources Fill in the outline     General Purpose: Political Speech  Specific Purpose: To

Writing Assignment

(2) Writing Assignments The Attached file named “Just 2 Paragraphs” just needs 2 paragraphs Topics to choose from for the Paper:  Online Dating & Relationships (57 pages) Pew Research Center, October 21, 2013 Top level link: Instructions: Find the SEARCH box in the beige bar at the top of the Pew Research Center


  Defining what constitutes the American nation, historically, is more difficult than it might at first seem. As the country grew more democratic, one of the central problems to be resolved was determining which groups constituted “of the people” that the government would represent. Should it include all persons, or only white men? The term

Speech PowerPoint Assignment

This assignment will fulfill the following course competency: Make effective use of visual aids including electronic presentation technology This assignment will teach you to be concise in your visual delivery and to coordinate your visuals with a written narration. It should be submitted as PDF file. SLIDE 1: for attention getter, relevance, overview of main

response 2 ac

 at least 150 words Yes, the ability to understand death varies by the age of the student. Preschoolers think that death is momentary. They “see death as something temporary” (Salek & Ginsburg, 2015). For instance, “Daddy is sleeping” could be a response from a four year old who just lost his father. School-aged children know and

Write a 2–4-page executive summary to accompany the PowerPoint presentation that provides additional context to the results of data analysis.

Write a 2–4-page EXECUTIVE SUMMARY to accompany the PowerPoint presentation that provides additional context to the results of data analysis.  Include APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriate. Submit the recording of your presentation and the executive summary in the assignment area.  Grading Criteria The numbered assignment instructions outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the