Research challenges your team experienced in this study

Per our conv, just need only a few sentences to each bullet item, please referene cumulative paper and excel we have been working on.   I’m requesting that each team member provide a short response (a few sentences is sufficient) to each of the following bullets BY FRIDAY.   I’m sure you are all aware that since this

Unit 3 Activity

  Hazard Analysis Your boss has asked you to investigate these operations and tasks that he feels have a significant potential for injury in the manufacturing plant: Operating electric forklifts in narrow aisles. Repairing the hydraulic system on the gas-powered forklift. Operating the large sheet metal shear. For each of the three tasks, do the

I have to write a 1 page paper for my philosophy class on knowledge vs. opinion.    these are the notes she…

I have to write a 1 page paper for my philosophy class on knowledge vs. opinion.  these are the notes she provided after everyone wrote it terribly.  The argument is as follows:1.       Knowledge is knowledge of what is, while ignorance is attached to what is not.2.       Opinion lies between knowledge and ignorance.3.       From (1) and (2), opinion depends on whatever

Research paper for a management class

On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger suffered a catastrophic failure 73 seconds into flight. A technical failure was the immediate cause of the accident, but many factors lead up to that technical failure, and the accident could have been prevented if decisions had been made differently prior to launch. Your assignment for this

Discussion responses due today

Please respond to each student in 300 words or more. Total of at least 600 words. For the responses:   Review the suggestions provided by your peer and provide useful input on the potential effectiveness. Discuss other strategies that align with operational conditioning that could also sculpt the behavior in your peer’s choice of scenario.

Art Short Paper

For this paper you will explore any (or all) of the websites below.  Select a work of art or artifact (from any time period and culture covered in class) that you find interesting and write a 500 word minimum essay on how that work reflects the time period and culture artistically.  How is it similar/different

Week 7 Discussion

                       Marketing ReliabilityAnalyzing outcomes from previous months is a helpful step in refining projections and a process. Discuss the importance of evaluating the competition and continually refining your position in the market to maintain an advantage.In your initial post…Provide a synopsis for your case and evaluation of your results, using a scholarly article found on

poem analysis without any internet sources

The poem  is uploaded as: poem part1 and part2 The question is uploaded as:Question part1 and part2. In general this is about the analysis of the poem in our own language without using any resources. Each questions should be answered in different paragraphs with 6-7 sentences each. word limit is 700-800.

Astronomy Discussion 5 & Homework Assignment

topic should be addressed in sufficient detail to fully describe the properties of the concepts involved and should be at least three paragraphs with four (4) to five (5) sentences each. The posting should be in your own words with a minimal use of quotes.What if the Sun were not rotating? What about it would be

Globalization Era

   1. What do you think the difference between modernization and Westernization? 2. How do other countries view the USA (positives and negatives)? How do you think those views were/are formed? 3. How much international business should students have as part of their business education? Put a percentage on the extent of international business content