Literary Analysis

The topic of the essay: Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” The length of the essay should be 3-5 pages, not including the Works Cited page. NO PLAGIARISM.  We often speak of tone, setting, plot, theme, characterization, and point of view as separate aspects of a story in order to break down a complex

Examine Primary Leadership Theories

This week, you will research six to eight primary leadership theories. Once you have researched the theories, analyze the similarities and differences among theories. Your goal is to be able to speak and write effectively about the theories that resonate with you. Research and examine six to eight primary leadership theories to become familiar with them.

Writing King ONLY Week 6 Org Leadership Assignment

Week 6 Assignment: Dig for Data: A Team Effort Your readings for this week identified types and sources of data. For this assignment, identify from the various sources of data in the literature, the two most significant sources you feel are necessary for staff to study in order to improve student achievement. The two data sources I

Writing King ONLY Week 8 Assignment

For your Signature Assignment, you will establish a school improvement team to conduct action research. Identify a problem that both interests the group and affects student achievement. Progressive districts monitor and collect evidence about the effectiveness of specific programs or efforts. Identify and describe a current program or improvement effort in a school that currently

S&J Plumbing, Inc.'s 2010 income statement shows a net profit before tax of $468, whereas the balance sheet that the company's equity for the fiscal year-end 2010 is $1,746.

S&J Plumbing, Inc.’s 2010 income statement shows a net profit before tax of $468, whereas the balance sheet that the company’s equity for the fiscal year-end 2010 is $1,746.Calculate the company’s return on equity and explain whether the managers are providing a good return on the capital provided by the company’s shareholders.Diagram and explain the operating

Writing King ONLY week 2 Global Training

Training Process and Needs Analysis: Fabrics Case Study   The first step in taken to cause a change is called a needs analysis. So, what is a needs analysis? There are various definitions; however, to simplify, a needs analysis defines a gap between the current and desired performance. Performance improvement, therefore, is the impetus for training.Needs analysis

Writing King ONLY week 7 assignment – global training

 To complete this assignment, read the case in the Blanchard & Thacker text: All it takes if for a Good Men to Do Nothing. (included in attachment)  Then, write a paper to answer the follow-up questions. In your paper, be sure to look beyond the questions and link the research to examine the implications and

Writing King ONLY Week 5 assignment Evaluating Training Programs

 The Borkeuf Company is a newly-formed organization that provides independent contracting business services to European enterprises, particularly in Germany and Poland. The vice presidents of sales and marketing decide to offer sales training to all recently hired sales personnel. The sales training takes place as part of the already scheduled regional sales meetings, and the

Writing King ONLY Week 8 Assignment – Evaluate Training Programs

 Assume the role of the director of training for a multinational organization. You were asked to determine which evaluation approach and design should be used for specific programs and interventions. Throughout the course, you have analyzed various approaches and models as well as evaluation designs. Now, it is time to implement your solutions. You can

Harley- Davidson: External and Internal Analysis

    Assignment 2: Harley-Davidson: External and Internal Analysis Harley-Davidson: Business Overview for New Planning Team Members Instructions for this assignment: Perform all of the elements listed below. This assignment has you complete two parts of a strategic business plan. To see how those parts fit into a full business plan, click here for a