Research Paper

I need a four page research paper. The research paper will be related to workplace security, specifically appropriate responses to threats to safety and security, or a topic of your choice. This paper would need to be in APA style cited and referenced.  I would need a plagiarism report. Thanks

* HPI633 – Assignment Enterprise Architecture

  Read Case 6-1 “Enterprise Architecture at American Express” and then answer the following questions. What are the key components of the architecture American Express has created? Discuss twp advantages and three disadvantages of standard enterprise architecture for American Express? How might they address the disadvantages? Your answers should be in your own words, but

Behavior week 8 discussion

  Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.   The Need for Change Please answer ALL of the following questions: When was the last time you decided to change a specific behavior (e.g., started to exercise, started a diet, or changed jobs)?

Final Fight

Read What’s Driving Porsche? and History of Porsche AG – FundingUniverse. From the perspective of an executive with the firm, prepare a strategic plan to grow the business over the next three years.  Your strategic plan must be future-oriented and must:Describe Porsche’s history and its 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). Explain the current situation of the organization in

need assignment done quickly

Need a reliable source to complete two assignments with 4 questions each.  Posted once and never got the work and now my time has run out waiting for it.  I will not answer auto messages.  This a science question.  Serious inquirys only.  I only have 12.00 the questions dont require much.  I will only do

Potency and Efficacy of Medications

Potency and efficacy are two of the most misunderstood concepts in the area of drug use. Many overdoses occur because the potency of the newly purchased drug is higher than that of the previously used drug. These concepts apply to drugs of abuse as well as over-the-counter medications.    Steven has a headache. He reaches for some

Brain Based discussion

  This discussion gives you a chance to map out your early ideas for  the Week Six Final Project and to receive feedback from your instructor  and peers that could help you produce the highest quality instructional  plan in Week Six. In turn, your understanding of brain-based learning is  put to work through your provision

5 lesson plans using this template

Section 1: Lesson Preparation Teacher Candidate Name:  Grade Level: Date: Unit/Subject: Instructional Plan Title: Lesson Summary and Focus: In 2-3 sentences, summarize the lesson, identifying the central focus based on the content and skills you are teaching.  Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping: Describe the important classroom factors (demographics and environment) and student factors (IEPs, 504s, ELLs

midterm paper

The mid-term paper is based on the topics covered in the first 4 weeks of class. You may pick a topic already covered in class such as regulation/deregulation of the industry, or a mode of transportation and its impact on the supply chain, even a mode of transportation and it advantages and disadvantages. The approach

refresher grammar homework

  This assignment is a “refresher” on grammar and sentence skills. These exercises cover skills that are often lacking in business writing and most often apparent to colleagues and clients. Write the corrected version only (you don’t need to write the original sentence or the identification of the problem, but do use precise words and