NOV 18 [Essay 2 Prompt]( Propaganda: visual imagery, often of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political…

NOV18Essay 2 PromptPropaganda: visual imagery, often of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.Discuss the use of art as propaganda in China, Korea, OR Japan. For each example you choose, identify the cause or point of view being presented in the work and discuss

week-6 discussion

1)     Defining Prose Narrative (graded)Poetry, drama, essays, and prose fiction are all made of words. Let’s begin by examining how prose differs from other genres of writing? As the week progresses, we will explore the following questions: How do setting, description, and plot contribute to theme? How is character developed? What is the role of

Leadership Theory and Traits

Assignment 2: Leadership Theory and Traits Don’t worry about doing the assessment Being able to identify and compare leadership theories and traits is crucial to your success as an industrial/organizational (I/O) professional. In addition, your understanding of which leadership theory you identify with, as well as which leadership traits you have, will help you assess your own

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  This assignment has three parts: Thinking about the technology needs for your B&B and hotel, you will likely be facing many changing factors of technology that could influence business in the future. How will you approach the technological needs of your business in order to stay abreast of the continued changes? Thinking about your

To Dr. Clover (First Response Needed For Unit 3)

   Unit 3 Discussion Board Questions 3 thru 5 I will do question one the outline at a later date Understanding the customer profile is essential to the overall marketing plan. The customer profiles also help with selecting the correct media for the target markets. Visit Experian’s Consumer Profiles and complete the following: Provide

Defining and Measuring Performance

Assignment 1: Discussion—Defining and Measuring PerformanceClearly defined performance expectations are essential to promoting productive employee behavior. The right performance expectations communicate what is expected of individuals at work and lead directly to contributions toward organizational success. For this assignment, research a company of your choice and one of its current job descriptions. You may find

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This is a very good start, and you have done some excellent work in this draft. My main feedback at this point is just to slow down a bit in your writing and help your reader understand each of the points you are making—this would also allow you to go a bit deeper with your

Blue Button

The Blue Button was an original initiative within the Veterans Administration (VA) as a directive symbol for veterans and beneficiaries to access the VHA’s personal health record (PHR) portal. The Blue Button image was adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology (HIT)

Program Outcome 7 **For KATETUTOR**

Activity Instruction **Must be in reference to Harley Davidson**  Throughout your program, you have worked toward achieving a set of outcomes grounded in the foundational knowledge needed as a business leader from both practitioner and scholar perspectives. The discussions in the first four units of this course focus on explaining how you will demonstrate each program outcome

Module 09 Discussion

  Case Study: Roslyn, a six-year-old, is attending public school for the first time. Her parents brought her to the clinic and stated, “she appears to have pain in her legs and won’t participate in playtime.” The parents noticed recently Roslyn appears pale and acts weak. Roslyn is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. After her