Chinese History Ppaer- 18 pages

18 pages essay double space, Chicago format. Using the attachment “my idea on writing this paper” to finish the paper. Go through paper rubric and paper instruction carefully.The attachment “Chinese History essay” is what i wrote for the paper, since i make the paper in Chinese, i do not want to do the translation anymore. You can

One page REFLECTION paper in 4 HRS

Managing products for Business MarketsBy providing a solution for customers, the product is the central force of business market strategy.  The firm’s ability to put together a line of products and services that provide superior value to customers is the heart of business marketing management.  This week we will discuss how to build a strong


DISCUSSION 1  What is the role of public relations within an organization’s integrated  marketing communications (IMC) plan? Evaluate how the success of a PR  campaign can be measured. Support your position  DISCUSSION 2  An increasing trend in marketing communications is to use “content  marketing.” Discuss the components of content marketing described in the  article by

English Essay MLA format

Write a two-page paper about the video below. Please follow MLA format. Need Plagiarism Check  ” “.    Also, the response to these questions MUST be included in essay  1.What does the quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes mean?  2.Shelby Foote, a historian tells us that the Civil War defined us as a nation.  What


Read the transcript…. Write 150 words What are two specific things you learned from this clip? No title page. Apa format. Need to cite and reference support answer  Transcript ot the video  “A Place in the Sun” The ccite and refernce for the video A place in the sun [Video file]. (1976). Retrieved May 4, 2017, from saw the poverty over there in Italy. And theway they lived, it’s not for me because I wasborn different. They didn’t even have toiletpaper back there. They didn’t know whatwrapping paper was. I wanted to buy a bunch ofbananas, and my cousin told me, [INAUDIBLE]don’t buy that many. I says, why? She says, wellwe could get a banana and cut it in

ACC work

I REALLY NEED THIS FINISH BY TOMORROW BEFORE 10PM!!!!!! IF U CAN GUARANTEE FINISH THIS BEFORE THIS SUNDAY 10PM. PLZ HELP ME!!!!! CHAPTER 20 ONLY NEED TO DOReview questions 1, 10, & 11Exercise E20-4A & E20-5AProblem P20-7ACHAPTER 21 ONLY NEED TO DOReview questions: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, & 11Exercise E21-6AProblem 21-9ALAST ONE IS MIDTERM

Sustainability Action Assignment urgent

Purpose: ​To make sure projects are on the right track, provides a chance for feedback Include: ● What action you are planning to do; ● What course concepts, authors, guest lecturers, etc. you plan to discuss in relation to your action; ● What format you are planning to create. *​Depending on your activity, you may

GOOGLESCHOLAR- Research Proposal part 1

Research Proposal, Part I- (Police Stress and the effect on the family) Throughout this course, your Learning Team will submit a completed research proposal to your facilitator. The project will consist of two sections. This outlines the content needed in Part I.  This proposal must be professionally written, address all sections identified below, and be consistent

Managerial Finance

   Guideline: · This project is an independent work instead of team work. I understand that it could be challenging to meet, or find a time to virtually meet, during Covid-19 pandemic. Accordingly, I have adjusted the project work load for individual student only.  · This project covers 20% of your final grade, with chance