Find the Premises

Due: Sunday night at 11:59pm Mountain Time In this assignment, you will examine sample arguments and identify the premises. Before starting this assignment watch a brief video about what a podcast is (Links to an external site.). Step 1: Consider the scenario: You are the primary contributor for Low Cost Foodies, a nationally syndicated podcast specializing

Week 9 discussion

Social media strategies can be a vital part of a marketer’s promotional plan.  This week you will write a 500-word blog for the hypothetical business that  you created for this course.  The content will build on the message,  only with more detail to engage your target audience.  Boma Health Solutions  (business that was created for

Internet of things

      The Internet of Things Write a two pages critical essay dealing with the following questions. The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of about 8 billion devices worldwide, which are often targeted as the launching point for devastating cyber-attacks. If that fact were not troubling enough, a new paradigm of connectivity on the horizon

What types of learning strategies and evidence of accomplishments will you be using for your practicum project? Give some specific examples.

Here are my practicum goals:(1) Identify healthcare staff’s comfort level with end-of-life issues in long-term care residents.(2) Identify barriers healthcare staff have in addressing end-of-life issues in long-term care residents.(3) Develop strategies to increase healthcare staff’s comfort in addressing end-of-life issues in long-term care residents.Here are my learning objectives:1. Analyze the learning needs and barriers


CHANGE MANAGEMENT DELIVERS FOR AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL SERVICES In 1997, the newly elected conservative Australian government moved to overhaul its country’s social welfare services. At the time, nearly one-third of Australia’s 20 million citizens were receiving payments because they were retired, single parents, unemployed, disabled, students, members of the indigenous population, or fit into other categories

Strategic Capacity Planning

6-8 slides of content with speaker notes, plus 1 slide with referencesLibrary Research ProjectYou are the new manager of the manufacturing department of ABC Shoe Company. You are creating a project to manufacture a new type of shoe that is beneficial to runners. Your boss has asked you to explain the importance of strategic capacity

B30 W4

QUESTION 1=The Law. Based on the e-Activity and the event you selected, answer the questions that follow.Choose one of these recent events, in which the defendant in a legal case tried to use public relations to influence public opinion. Justify why you think the defendant felt it necessary to use public relations in this situation.For

Unit IV Article Critique

Pick a research topic that is of interest to you. Make certain that the topic is notable enough to locate at least one published article. Some examples of effective topics could relate to: home town, a prominent family member, place of worship, annual (local) cultural event, locally specific profession/interest, or local leader. After you have

Discussion: Power And Privileges

 Advanced human services professional practitioners who regularly engage in critical reflection about their own power and privilege are often more likely to recognize and challenge practices, procedures, and policies that perpetuate discrimination and oppression. Practitioners who do not engage in this type of critical reflection may unknowingly do harm to service users, their organization, and