Technology/Signage/POS U4A

A supermarket chain in California, recently introduced intelligent shopping carts, to better service their customers. Each cart has a wireless touch-screen mobile device with a laser scanner to enable price checking and then to scan product codes for purchase. The cart mobile device totals shopper spending and enables a quick checkout. But they have not

Defining the Customer Service Problem

 In this Assignment, you have the opportunity to apply what you practiced in the Learning Activity and in Discussion regarding customer building strategies on the Customer Service Representative (CSR) Tool Belt. Read the blog message and respond appropriately using your CSR Tool Belt to resolve the customer service issues.Read the following message that was posted


Select a topic to research. For your research, you must use Google Scholar, the GCU Library or another reputable site. Use Lecture 2 for a description of what is considered a scholarly article. Use APA formatting style for references. Create a title page and a reference list with 10 references from the last 5 years. Include

Strategic Planning

 Need by 23 Jan 2016 at 2300hrs/minimum 1 page APA styled essay Utilizing the Internet, research the homepages of a 3-star hotel organization in the United States and a 5 star international hotel organization. You must choose a different hotel chain for each location.  Write a minimum 1 page APA styled essay comparing your chosen hotel

U7A-AB117-Hospitality Human Resources & Ethics

 Need by 31 Jan 2016 in APA format  Human Resources Management Conduct research exploring the Human Resources Management characteristics of the Hospitality organization you chose for your final project (Carnival Cruise Line).  Write a minimum 1-2 page APA styled essay discussing the following core elements of the organizations Human Resources program: Checklist: Describe the role of the Human Resources

Dealing Effectively and Ethically with Angry Customers (U8A)

 Need by 14 Nov 2015 by 2300hrs EST Based on your practice with ethical approaches in the Learning Activity and the previously practiced CSR skills, address this customer service interaction. You are joining a situation in progress…  Read the Scenario: Customer at 7:45 a.m. in Groton Connecticut Airport:  “I need some help here… (her voice getting

Time Value of Money and Financial Decisions

If you have put money in a savings account, made monthly auto or mortgage payments, or paid down your student loan ahead of time you have inherently applied TVM.Discuss how you may have used TVM in a recent investment or loan decision and explain some of the TVM details that may have been involved in

Completing a Customer Service Plan U4A1

You will now analyze an existing preliminary customer service plan outline for a toy company. Based on the mission, vision and values statements of PlaySmart toys and the company SWOT results provided, complete the customer service plan. Make sure you have reviewed the Reading and the customer service plan in the Learning Activities before you

U8A-MT460-The Importance of Strategic Controls

 Need by 07 Jan 2016 by 2300hrs in APA format  Prepare a case study analysis of Case 2 “Ann Taylor: Survival in Specialty Retail” found in the Cases section of your digital book. The Unit Eight Assignment provides for the professional competency of leadership where you will formulate solutions for identified initiatives. These initiatives will be

U8D-AB117- Hospitality Finance and Accounting Controls

 Need by 04 Jan 2016 by 2300hrs does not require essay format each part in about 200-250 words Part 1: in about 200-250 words Using the hospitality organization Carnival Cruise Line, conduct exploratory research on the hospitality information systems the organization uses as a control mechanism. Go to the company website of the technology system and conduct