Bus330 Principle of Marketing

 It can be harder to sell an intangible service than a tangible product. After reading Chapter 3 of the text, pick one of the cells in Table 3.4: “Service Classifications” and name a service offered in that class—for example, business remodeling service under consulting and operations. In 200 to 250 words, describe a service in

The Sustainability Of Groundwater

  Instructions You will need to write a 1-page lab report using the scientific method to answer the following question: If current human development does not change, will groundwater sustainability be affected?  When your lab report is complete – submit it in the classroom. Part I: Using the time progression of industrialization and human development

Nursing Care of Physiologic & Psychologic Disorders PowerPoint Presentation

  Discuss the Nursing care of age-related Physiologic or Psychologic Disorder. Present the age-related Physiologic or Psychologic Disorder Choose from one: Integumentary function, Urinary function, Musculoskeletal function or Endocrine function. Describe the age-related changes and common problems and conditions. Summarize the nursing management appropriate for your Physiologic or Psychologic Disorder chosen Submission Instructions: Presentation is

Week 2_ Assignment

Resource: Job Duties and Characteristics Grading Guide Use either your current position or a position that you would like to obtain to create job duties and at least three KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics). Answer the following questions in 350 words for each KSAO: Is the KSAO necessary prior to hiring, or can

International business HW need it tomorrow

Please read the question carefully and be specific. Words are unlimited, but please be thorough. There are five common kinds of organization design.  Please can you find one company (that does business internationally) and describe to me what kind of structure it has (or that you believe it should have) and why.  

The Tactical Plan

   Speaking Engagements a PR tools you will use to promote the idea of a universal camping stove.  The stove  can use charcoal, propane, or wood. This is a brand new product in the camping industry With the increase in camping especially in millennials we can target them and make it trendy too your client’s

Religion- Discusion Week 10

“The Present and the Future of Religion”  Please respond to the following after reviewing the class materials and the Instructor’s Insights:Among the religions we discussed this week, identify one religion that you find the most interesting. Explain your response.Explain at least three ways that social trends affect the formation of new religions and dictate new religious

Educational Leadership

  Before you begin, look back at the Development Overview. What is the purpose of higher education? What is your role in our story? The Higher Learning Commission is the accrediting agency for Maricopa Colleges. Although we are part of one district, each college seeks accreditation independently. Accreditation criteria (Links to an external site.) includes College

thesis and an bib

  DIRECTIONS: Use the TEMPLATE that is attached as an example. Use the attachments and the 2 websites listed below to complete a THESIS STATEMENT and the ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.  (There is a follow up assignment to this so if the selected writer does this correctly, that writer will be asked to complete the other portion.

Cross Cultural Management D5

 1         Read the Case Study 9.1: Doug Fong: Asian American Manager (Carr-Ruffino, p. 386- attached). Using the case analysis format you used last week to provide an in-depth response to the four questions following the case. 2         Do you think it should be a requirement that legal immigrants entering the United States must learn English? Yes