Why would a person purposely starve to death?  What are the  socioemotional components?  What are the characteristics of individuals  who are more likely to develop anorexia nervosa? Are there any  successful therapeutic approaches for this disorder? View the YouTube  video below for further guidance: Top Documentary Films – Anorexia Nervosa Documentary – The Deadly Life

Marketing research

Multiple readings should not be combined in one paper unless otherwise directed by the Instructor.• Must be typed, #12 font, single-spaced, no more than ¾ page in length.• Mini Papers must be submitted as PDFs; File names must adhere to the following format: o Full title of the article, document, or website; source (if given), and

week 8 paper

Imagine that you are a member of the HR department of a small retail company and upper management has asked you to create a new employee customer service training class for all new employees.   Write a six to seven (6-7) pages paper in which you: Justify the use of a needs assessment of your

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                              Instructions – Networking Opportunities Before writing your initial post, please read Chapter 11 “Networking Strategy” of Book Yourself Solid. As you will learn, there are many common misconceptions of networking, none more prevalent than “you have to manipulate others to get what you want.” Networking, when executed correctly, is a win-win-win for everyone involved. It

3 Assignment Strategies for Change

  Week 3 Assignment Strategies for Change Step 2: Build the Team Having the desire to change a situation on your own is often not sufficient to get the job done. More often than not, change requires the help of a team of individuals. Last week you learned about how to create urgency. So now

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Hello Students,  1. For this Forum there are two segments: First, post about a positive or negative experience you have had with a supervisor (300 words minimum). Second, knowing what you know now (after 4 weeks of our time together), what would you have done differently as that supervisor.  Submit your answer in this Forum

Perceptions on Online Language Learning among Sabahan Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      WORKING TITLE Perceptions on Online Language Learning among Sabahan Students During the   COVID-19 Pandemic   RESEARCH OBJECTIVES i. To determine students’ perceptions on online   language learning. ii. To specify the issues that students face   during online language learning. iii. To find out the ways taken by students to   overcome the issues.   RESEARCH QUESTIONS


Write a 750-1,000-word  describing your vision for your career (Accountant) once you have completed your master’s degree. In this paper, address the following: How will each of the Three Pillars—servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism— be integrated and impact your business practice in the future? How will the Three Pillars enable you to contribute to the

Social ordinance

Social Ordinance: A Means to Foster a Spirit of CommunityYou work with a social service agency. The agency wants to intervene in any of the acts that have a serious negative impact on the community. However, your agency has to make sure that the interventions have minimal impact on civil liberties. The strategy of your