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  The paper should be minimum of 5 typed pages, using one and half spaced, 12 times new roman font. Diagram and charts are encouraged( ex. org charts, financials, stock performance etc.) but that would not be counted towards the page of the paper.A discussion of the use of a minimum of 5 principle of

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 Attached is a paper, but I need to correct it and add he parts missing. Here are the instructions, I need a tutor to verify the attached paper and add the parts highligted in yellow and its due for tomorrow  Product: Apple WatchCreate a Marketing Plan of your own, not the one Apple Company has.

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 :  What is a “Blue Ocean” strategy?  One of the dangers in crafting this strategy is that managers end up “stuck in the middle”.  Discuss.     How can the Five Forces model be effectively used when considering one of the generic models discussed in Question 4?    What are the two (2) generic competitive strategies?

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   Define and discuss the four types of innovation. How might these innovations relate to the industry life cycle? business innovation is:       Discuss the ‘make versus buy decision firms often are forced to make (Define terms)    What is vertical integration? Discuss to include benefit, risk, possible alternative, relationship to company value chain.

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   Chapter 9 – Question 1;  How would you use the buy – borrow – build framework to build your corporate strategy? Chapter 9 – Question 2:  Why would a firm enter into a strategic alliance?  Considering Exhibit 9.2, which of the three alliances would you probably choose?  Why? Chapter 9 – Question 3:  Define