Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships

Purpose of Assignment  Understanding marketing as a multi-step process relying on building successful customer relationships is essential to helping organizations grow and achieve their goals. This assignment defines marketing, the customer value proposition, and creating mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and target, as well as applies these concepts to the student to create a

Trifles Discussion – due in 24 hours

  Trifles Discussion Board Answer ALL THREE questions below. Each of your answers should be a well-developed paragraph, not just a sentence or two.  After you submit your answer, you’ll be able to see other students’ answers as well.  You can even reply to their answers (and if you do so, you might receive bonus points for

Artist Analysis Essay

This assignment helps us identify the ways in which narratives, expository pieces, and arguments (including literature, literary analyses, persuasive writing, and speeches) are shaped by an author/artist/activist’s social, historical, moral, psychological, and philosophical assumptions.  Write a 1200-word essay with MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Answer the following question: (Salvador Dali)how does the

Setting a Budget

Setting a Budget All types of organizations offering human services—whether government, for-profit, nonprofit, or mixed (cross-sector)—are defined by their mission. Critical to implementing the mission is the financial or budgetary framework designed to match the goals, objectives, and tasks expected for achieving the mission. A budget is the first major policy framework for an organization

2 Assignments In History.

Assignment 1 : Additional Opportunity to Succeed Write 500 words biography about a historical figure by drafting a 500 word biography using OER. Non-academic websites will not be used. Non-academic websites include, but are not limited to, encyclopedias, history.com and any website in which you cannot determine that author is a historian or that the

Pathophysiology and Nursing management of client health

Benchmark – Nursing Process: Approach to Care  The nursing process is a tool that puts knowledge into practice. By utilizing this systematic problem-solving method, nurses can determine the health care needs of an individual and provide personalized care. Write a paper (1,750-2,000 words) on cancer and approach to care based on the utilization of the

Cl A6

  1.Please post the hyperlink to one federal statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes. 2. Please post the hyperlink to one state statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes.

Assignment 1: Corrections Staff and Management(CJA)

The dynamics of the corrections environment are related not only to the inmate population but also to the daily operations staff. In this assignment, you will examine the characteristics of a corrections institution and the confinement culture, as well as staff roles and culture. You will also explore the relationship between the corrections environment, corrections

Employee Health Plans

Consider the four health plans below with an eye to choosing one to offer to the company’s employees. Assume that the health plans and their annual per employee premiums are as follows:Health PlanPremium, IndividualPremium, FamilyAetna Health$4,555$11,428MetroPlus$4,267$10,540Empire$4,217$10,767Oxford$6,029$13,417The employer will pay 80% of the premium for individual coverage, and the employee will pay the remaining 20% as

Environmental Science Discussion 5

****500 Word Discussion***** According to a recent World Health Organization report, excessive drinking causes more than four percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence. Due to increasing incomes in heavily populated countries in Africa and Asia, including India and South Africa, binge drinking has become a problem in many developed countries as more