simple research

Deliverable 2 Instructions Find user and third-party reviews about your brand.  Independent user reviews are from sources other than company origins.  Examples include sources such as user forums, Amazon reviews from purchasers, Yelp reviews, etc.  Third party reviews come from sources other than company origins, such as Consumer Reports, CNet and independent, non-company sources.  To

week 6 NR 531

 As the nurse administrator for SLMC, you must communicate to your team the disappointing news that your organization is discontinuing tuition reimbursement benefits. Discuss how you will communicate this message to your direct reports and to the rest of the organization. Be specific and state your rationale for your communication plan.    

Discussion 1: Ethical Issues in Homeland Security

 There are no overarching ethical standards or principles for homeland security despite the complex mix of ethical issues that arise in each of the homeland security mission areas. For example, to prevent terrorism, the government must consider the need for secrecy and confidentiality versus the need to share information among agencies or the public’s right

Paper 2 Global econmoics

(a)  Using a demand/supply diagram, illustrate and explain the effects of the imposition of an export tax on a good Y by a home country’s government on (i)   the home country’s consumers of Y, (ii)  the home country’s producers of Y, and (iii) the home government’s tax revenues.   Assume that the country is a

Week 5 – Assignment

  Week 5 Homework [WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 14 and 15 from your textbook. Then complete the Week 5 Homework Problems in Connect (do not complete the ones in the back of the chapters of your textbook). In your

Homeland Security ass 2

You are the city manager of Wet Town, Mississippi. Your community considers its greatest threat to be hurricanes. It is January, and you have only 6 months to help the underresourced emergency management team develop refined plans for preparing for and responding to a hurricane of at least a category 3 strength. Your city council has tasked you with developing a broad

due in 5 hours (compare/contrast)

this assignment is to write a 2 pages single spaced compare/contrast essay about my company and any other company thats similar.  This assignment is all about a company the instructor told us to make up in the class to use it for the semester. My company’s information is below this line: -What is the name

Project Management

Project Management You identified the people you need for the project team, talked with the various department heads, and shared the time and skill requirements. All the departments are able to provide people to the project at the levels needed. The person from Design who normally participates heavily in this type of project, however, is

project management

  Three new-product ideas have been suggested. These ideas have been rated as shown in the Table below Product* Criteria A B C Weight (%) Development cost P F VG 10 Sales prospects VG E G 15 Producibility P F G 10 Competitive advantage E VG F 15 Technical risk P F VG 20 Patent


Assignment you will create an itinerary for JUST YOU for a two week trip to any destination of your choice. Yes, for this trip, you are traveling alone.Choose your destination. The only restriction is that the destination must be outside of the 48 contiguous United States (i.e. not Hawaii or Alaska).Imagine that you have all of