Analyzing Data in a Personal Budget Workbook

  Create your own personal budget for the next 12 months in an Excel workbook. Using real numbers is not necessary (nor is it encouraged for privacy reasons). Generate this workbook from scratch by using a standard layout and structure for the budget workbook. Do not use an Excel template; however, you are welcome to

Module 03 Written Assignment – Customer Communication Plan

  Imagine that you are the owner of a retail company that has recently experienced a decline in business due in large part to the poor communication skills of employees. As a result, many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the service they have been receiving. In order to overcome this challenge, you as the owner

Module 04 Course Project – Classify and Analyze Data

  Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 03 for this deliverable. Examine the fields in the spreadsheet. Classify, sort, or group the data in a way that the outliers become apparent. An example would be to sort by the total cancellations. Keep all data, but highlight the sales consultants that are outliers.

Module 04 Discussion – How To Make Your Reports Stand Out

  Think of your analysis as a story that must have a story structure when presented. All data has a story to tell. Many people present just the facts. The who, how, and why related to the data are missing. How does this data relate to our audience? Who does it affect? Why do we

Module 04 Written Assignment – Presenting Data

  Your supervisor has asked you to provide a visual representation of the following data. Florida Turnpike System – Road Ranger CallsType of CallYear 2013Year 2014No Assistance Required22,09131,223Disabled / Stranded Motorist32,67432,122Maintenance of Traffic During Accidents4,2842,040Debris Removal and Abandoned Vehicles41,83730,882 How would this data be best presented? Consider different types of charts and graphs that would

Module 02 Discussion – Project Scope (project Management)

  One of the most common problems a Project Manager will face with the client is with the project’s scope. It defines what will and will not be done. In essence, the project’s scope defines the expectations of the client/customer and the expectations of the project manager. Far too often, those expectations will differ, and

Module 02 Discussion – Is a Leader Born or Made?

  The concepts of leadership and management are somewhat of a controversial issue. Some believe the concepts are very much the same, while others think they are completely different. Leadership is often thought of as an influential force–for instance, one who possesses the ability to change organizational culture, create opportunities, and inspire. Management, on the

Module 02 Written Assignment – Organizational Design and Leadership Theory

  For this assignment, you will discuss leadership theories and review the concepts of an organization’s mission, structure, and key roles. Submit a minimum 2-page report that includes the following information: Explain the different theories in leadership. Provide a description (primary characteristics and factors) of different theories. For example, trait, behavioral, transactional, situational, contingency, etc.

Module 05 Discussion – Resolving Conflict

  Working in a team is not always easy. Conflicts can arise between team members. Compromises and negotiations have to take place when these conflicts come up. Using the Internet as a resource, discuss steps that can be taken to resolve conflict within a team and the importance of communication in resolving conflicts. Also discuss