2 discussion topic questions, 1 – 2 paragraph each topic – Finance and Human resources

discussion topic 1 – HUman resources Choosing which of the Job Evaluation Methods to UseJob evaluation determines the relative worth or value of jobs in a company and affects many human resources functions such as staffing, compensation and employee relations. Conduct academic research on the popular job evaluation methods and the organizations that have been using these methods

ECONOMIC PAPER need to be five pages to analysis Japanese ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

My part is for this paper is (h) which in below, you need to answer the following questions and it needs five pages and no plagiarize!!! h) ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Is the political climate conducive to economic development? Is the country receptive to modern technology and know-how? development planning? How is development financed? What organization is in

Done 11:59 today 3 questions Week 04 Application Assignment – Case Study #4

It was three o’clock on Sunday afternoon,and Bob Parker’s stomach began to hurt. By dinner he wasn’t hungry, and at bedtime he couldn’t sleep.In the morning,the persistent buzzing of the alarm took forever to pierce his troubled dreams. As he drove to the office, with each mile he felt the spring inside him coil tighter.It

Health Discussion 4

Healthy People 2020 provides an overview of disparities in health outcomes. Read through Healthy People 2020, particularly the area on disparities. Select one disparity that is of particular interest to you. In 200 to 400 words, identify at least one way in which members of this group may be disadvantaged with respect to health status.

2 discussion topics

No Plagerisim and needs to be 4-8 sentances per post First post is human resources managementThe process of staffing has many phases which are done in order, starting with sourcing applicants. Conduct academic research on the staffing and selection processes.Select one staffing process to report about in detail for your initial post on the forum. Then, give your

operational planning and policy – Discussion

TESLA COMPANY Consider your company or one that you know well and evaluate the words of their mission and vision statements. You must include the company’s mission and vision statements in your initial post. Using the information in Table 2.1 from our text, (Thompson Jr. A. A, Peteraf, M. A., Gamble, J. E., and Strickland III, A. J. (2019). Crafting

2 discussion post and 2 replys

EACH DISCUSSION NEEDS TO BE 2-4 SENTANCES LONG, AND REPLYS SHOULD BE 2-3 SENTANCES LONG. SO ALL TOGETHER THERE SHOULD ONLY BE A HALF PAGE OF WRITTING.English Comp DiscussionIn your own words, what are the purposes of editing an essay? Share the strategies you could apply as you edit your own essay. What suggestions can

Structure of Health Insurance

  The present health care system relies on public and private health insurance systems. On the basis of your understanding of the health insurance system, answer the following questions: Explain the basic structure of health insurance and analyze its most important part. Describe the main purpose of health insurance in your own words. What impact

BUS 691 Organizational leadership week 3 assignment 3

ased on its relevance to your professional or personal interests. Write a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and references pages) answering all the questions located below the case study in the textbook. In your paper, Determine the leadership approach being used in the case. Analyze whether the approach is effective for the