Assignment 1: Discussion—Working with Budgets

Assignment 1: Discussion—Working with Budgets Budgets are the driving force behind all organizations. Whether a manufacturing organization, or a service organization such as a medical or public accounting firm, budgets are used not only for planning purposes but also for performance monitoring and evaluation of areas within an organization.More than likely, you are often required to

5-6 Pg Law Enforcement Paper

 5-6 pg paper, APA Format paper.  Please Send me a link to the references you use, I need to be able to read them. Please use plenty of citations from your references.  MOST IMPORTANT, please make sure all work is original, my school has a new plagiarism detection program that is very tough.  

due in 10 hrs

650-700 words  You are a law enforcement officer assigned to the South Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force and were asked by your supervisor to prepare a small white paper on the subject of terrorism and organized crime in preparation for future operations. In your white paper, address the following:What are the types of targets and tactics

Black Hole Comic

  For this assignment, I will offer three possible essay topics: 1) Use the title, Black Hole, as a metaphor that helps us understand the teenage experience that is being narrated and illustrated in this graphic novel. Be sure to use  images from each of the 12 issues of the comic to show how the

IT Risk Management

  Your deliverable for this ITC596 task is an IT Risk Assessment report, written for the intended audience of management providing a risk assessment of a project. The project can be in any of the following areas: Cybersecurity Internet of Things Cloud security Mobile health devices Bring Your Own Device Smart vehicles Or an area


 Discuss one of the causes or consequences of World War II.  Especially be sure to link the causes to the outcomes of World War I.  Also pay attention to the ways World War II impacted the American economy (class), women’s roles in society (gender), and the struggle for racial equality (race).  50 more more words

Leading Strategicially

Following up on Jillian’s request, it is time to write a report that responds to the questions below. Your answers should demonstrate your understanding of strategic management and leadership theories. You should not only incorporate references to class discussions and learning topics but also cite at least two relevant scholarly resources on strategic leadership, such

Environmental Science and Human Population

Answer each with 150-200 words.  -Is the current growth rate of the human population sustainable?  Explain, using the concept of carrying capacity. -Using an internet search, provide a timeline of important events in the modern environmental movement since 1960. -Perform an internet search using one of these topics: car, electronics, water bottles, plastic grocery bags

Organizational Economics Discussion

 Harish Manwani: Profit’s not always the point    “Samsung Delays Launch of Galaxy Fold After Screen Failure” by Sam Kim and Mark Gurman   After watching the required video “Profit’s not always the point” by Harish Manwani and reading the article “Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold After Screen Failures” by Sam Kim and

International Business Plan

You continue to provide promising global strategy advice for MediCorp, Inc. The company has been so pleased with your contributions to their strategic planning and development that they would like you to assist with a new endeavor. Leveraging their strength in manufacturing genetic testing devices, MediCorp now wants to diversify their offerings and expand within