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The thesis has not been generated  Our written assignment this week is an Outline and an Annotated Bibliography.  The Outline includes the Introduction and the main points you are required to address from the assignment directions (see Week 5 Final Paper directions).  The introduction must include a thesis statement.  If you need assistance with this, please

Discussion: Strategies for Addressing Questions

    In this Discussion, focus on the questions you are ready to ask as your journey begins. Keep in mind that sharing questions is often a great way to help others who have similar questions even if they do not realize it!  To prepare: Reflect on questions or concerns you might have as you begin

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On the Discussion Board we will be exploring conceptual models.Hamric’s Integrative Model of Advance Practice NursingThe AACN Synergy ModelStrong Memorial Hospital’s Model of Advance Practice NursingShuler’s Model of Nurse Practitioner PracticeThis week you will describe how these models may help APNs articulate professional role identify and function. Conceptual models will serve as a framework for