A Firm's Sources of Financing (Only for Prof Xavier)

For this assignment, you will create a plan on how you are going to finance the business you chose in the Module 5 assignment. Follow the steps below for this assignment: Describe, in detail, the source(s) you are going to use to finance your business.  Include the answers to the following questions in your essay.

Planning and Project Management

In this exercise you will develop a personal flow chart. You can use any subject you desire for this flow chart. Pick one that you can talk sensibly about, i,e, car maintenance, academic degree plan, planning a family vacation, etc. Ensure you title your paper so I will now what the subject is that you

Planning for the Harvest (Only for Prof Xavier)

For this assignment, you will create a harvest plan by describing in detail which exit strategies you will use, how you will execute the plan, and all the intricate parts of your plan. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment: Discuss in detail the exit strategies you will use and why it is/they are

Types of Credit

For this assignment, pretend that you are a business owner, either in the product or service industry, who need to make a decision on the types of credit you wish to offer to your customers. You will write an essay comparing two types of business credit. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words.

Promotional Mix (For Prof Xavier Only)

Promotion is a form of communication used to inform and persuade consumers of a product or service. It is also a part of the marketing mix of the business. Promotional strategies include personal selling, advertising, including through the use of the internet and social media, and sales promotion tools. For this assignment, you will conduct

Managing Operations

For this assignment, you will choose a franchise that interests you from the list provided in the following link: 2017 Top 500 Franchise (opens in new window), and create a 250 word (minimum) essay describing in detail the inputs, processes, and outputs of your chosen franchise. Use Exhibit 21.1 (the Operations Processes) in the course textbook

Working Capital

For this assignment, you will analyze the working capital cycle, and then create a plan to manage cash flow for a business. Be sure to list the events in the working capital cycle that directly affect cash and those that do not. Your essay will be a minimum of 500 words. Follow the steps below

Your brand Update (strictly no plagiarism, low quality work will be disputed)

  What is your favorite brand of sandwich cookie? If you’re like most Americans, chances are it’s Oreo. In fact, Oreos are so popular that many people think Oreo was the original sandwich cookie. But they’re wrong. Sunshine first marketed its Hydrox sandwich cookie in 1908. Hydrox thrived until 1912, when Nabisco (now part of Kraft) launched Oreo. With Nabisco’s superior distribution and

ENGLISH 1O1: advocacy text final submission

  Assignment Description:  ADVOCACY TEXT: Your work in the third unit of this course builds to an Advocacy Text project: the Advocacy Text is a text that has a rhetorical purpose of creating positive, productive change for a cause in the world, with an audience that reaches beyond your instructor and classmates. Remember that a

Sources of Employees

Sources of employees is an area that small business owners must take seriously in order to effectively and sufficiently staff their business. To recruit effectively, the small business owner/manager must know where and how to find qualified applicants. Sources are numerous, and it is impossible to generalize about the best pool in view of the