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Now that you’ve gotten a basic understanding of the Mission Statement, it is time to put your new knowledge to use by completing this exercise.  This exercise is worth two (2) weighted points.

Recall the Company Background information from last week’s exercise (it is included below) and also recall the two type of mission statements presented in the Mission Statement module:

  1. The STANDARD mission statement which includes the product/service, the target customer, and the unique customer benefit, as exemplified by the McDonald’s mission statement.
  2. The SOCIALLY FOCUSED mission statement which simply states what the company stands for, as exemplified by the Disney mission statement.

Now write one of each (one STANDARD and one SOCIALLY FOCUSED) for IncredibleApps.  Each mission statement should be approximately 1-3 sentences. 

Good luck!

Company Background

This company develops mobile corporate applications for iPhone and Droid phones.  Founded by engineers who believe in the power of a free and openly available Internet, their target market is Fortune 1000 companies who wish to have a mobile app for their company, but who don’t know how to develop one.  This business situation is similar to the early days of the Internet, when many companies that wanted corporate websites had to pay technical experts to build them because the companies didn’t know how to. 

IncredibleApps intends to provide premium “Nordstrom’s level” quality and service, and therefore expects to be able to charge a corresponding high price.  IncredibleApps has assembled the best mobile app developers in the industry and this will be the key to their business success.  In addition, IncredibleApps will be managed more professionally and efficiently than other mobile app companies, which are usually run by software experts who have no business acumen or savvy.

At the end of the day, IncredibleApps intends to become the premier mobile app provider for Fortune 500 companies worldwide and continue to develop mobile apps that keep the Internet freely accessible to all.

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