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Case Study

This week, please read the continuing case at the end of Chapters 3 and 4 in your textbook.

After studying the Chapter 3 case, respond to the following:

  1. If you were in Mr. Land’s position, what would your response be to Ms. Fowler and why? 


    Case Study:

    Henry Kirk and Janet Fowler are sitting across the desk from Tom Land, PCI’s loan officer at CCB Bank (once known as Clearwater County Bank, the bank now aspires to compete with the major regional banks for commercial loan business in this part of the state). They have come to ask for a 90-day, $100,000 note (loan), as they have many times in the past. The request should be routine. In fact, PCI’s 90-day loans are one of the mainstays of CCB’s business.

    This time, however, Tom asks some embarrassing questions about PCI’s flagging profits. Janet Fowler, as the only accountant present, has sup- ported PCI’s request with a couple of special arguments. She says PCI is in better shape than it appears. Profits are low because the clinic’s recent purchase of a third-generation lithotripter generated a big expense in the last quarter. Also, LIFO valuation has made inventories, actually a healthy item on the balance sheet, look artificially low. Besides, she says, if there is any trouble with current cash flows over the next 90 days, PCI can always pay off the note out of its substantial retained earnings. 

After studying the Chapter 4 case, respond to the following:


  1. Refer to the financial statements that are presented for PCI, Inc. In Janet’s absence provide the answers to Dr. Jackson’s questions using this data.                                                                      See Attachment 

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