Activity 6

Literature/Article Review  In this assignment, you are to critically read and evaluate a scholarly article’s strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the study field. Learning how to critique a journal article has several benefits, including preparing you for publishing in the future and keeping you current on the literature in your field of study. The practical […]


The file contains data for all sales of laptops at a computer chain in London in January 2008. This is a subset of the full dataset that includes data for the entire year. a. Create a bar chart, showing the average retail price by store (Store Postcode). Adjust the y-axis scaling to magnify differences. […]

Discussion Questions:

Select a diversity issue of special interest to you.   Discuss it in terms of the current reality and future needs for global leadership development.  Minimum of 3 references

Special events project

For the final project, please use the template in the Files section to develop your special events plan. This plan is a university new student camping (orientation).  This event’s main idea is to let new students meet each other, have fun camping, and teamwork on the camp. 

Communication Technology of Apple and Amazon

 The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research on an organizational change that could be implemented to increase the selected company’s competitive advantage.  Answer these two questions using the ADKAR model.