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Measuring the Economy Discussion 4646 unread replies.4646 replies. Part I Find the following for a country of your choice (not the US) 1) Nominal and Real GDP in U.S. $ 2) Most recent growth rates for GDP. 3) Most recent Inflation as measured by the CPI or another measure of inflation that is used for

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1.            Suppose we want to compare this year’s GDP with those of previous years.  As we go back in time – to 1980, to 1970, to 1960, and to still earlier years – what happens to the validity of these comparisons?  Why does this happen? 2.            If our GDP rose from 11,000 to 11,500, there could

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Discussion Board – Capital Expenditure Decisions Mergers and acquisitions are capital budgeting techniques. This technique is a managerial expansion decision to increase assets drawing a cash benefit. Research a most recent merger or acquisition and discuss the firm (merger – stable firm / acquisition – purchasing firm) expected cash benefit. Pretend you are the owner;

Research elasticity Essay

1.  Research elasticity information for two particular goods: one with an elastic demand and one with an inelastic demand. Using elasticity information, you gather, predict changes in demand. The United States Department of Agriculture website has a good resource to help with this.  2.  Describe how marginal analysis, by avoiding sunk costs, leads to better

McDonald's Global Strategy

McDonald’s Global StrategyGenerally speaking, many companies are interested in the potential cost savings of using the same product and promotional mix on a global basis. It is easier to control the program and less time is required in developing the marketing plan. However, as you have learned, each country has a different culture, and a

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 21st Century Liquors – QUESTIONS     Assume that you are Janice Wilton and you have been asked to elaborate on the memo in Exhibit 1 to address the issues raised by Ted Radcliff in both of his conversations with you.  Use the report form from the course website and please be certain to address all of the

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Read the case study on page 27 “Protecting Endangered Species with Private Property Rights.” Write an essay 1,000-1,250 words, answering the following questions:Economists argue that scarcity is different than poverty. To understand why many wild animals are scarce we need to look at scarcity in the context of private property. Explain how scarcity is affected

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  Week Four: Understanding the Writing Process   Details Due Points Objectives 1    1.1  Describe the steps in various business writing. 1.2  Compare and contrast business and academic writing.     Reading Read Ch. 4 of Business and Administrative Communication.     Reading Read Ch. 5 of Business and Administrative Communication.     Reading

Give the woman right to vote

Assignment 1: Evaluating Sources for a Historical TopicDue: Week 3Points: 105Skill(s) Being Assessed: Problem SolvingCriteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:Identify sources relevant to your topic.Identify key elements of the documents (who, what, when, why).Effectively identify biases and perspectives of your sources.Effectively identify facts present in the sources.Effectively identify why the source is credible.What to submit/deliverables: Questions submitted in Chapter