short response stigma

   Short Response Please answer the short response questions. Your responses must be a minimum of 4 sentences per question. Why is there a stigma when discussing mental health? 1. Why is there a stigma when discussing mental health? 2. How can you support someone who might be struggling emotionally?


HR Knowledge 9: Transforming HR Business Partners (HRBP’s) There are 10 competencies that are critical for successful strategic HR business partners. These competencies will allow HRBP’s to support complex and unbounded business situations and readily formulate effective responses that managers understand, support, and value. Go to: review the suggested HRBP’s 10 competencies. Of the […]

human resources (exercise to determine our own communication challenges)

  Discussions: Self-disclosure can be a rewarding, but often challenging, exercise to determine our own communication challenges. The Johari Window offers a non-threatening model to help provide feedback and communication among peers and co-workers (see video under Content – Week 4 – Reading and Resources). Sometimes, we may forget about all the emotions present at work. Some […]


  The hiring process is critical to the success of any business. As Human Resource (HR) Managers, we will have to recruit top candidates to our organization by considering traditional and innovative methods. In Chapter 4, we read about the recruitment process and strategies that can be used to bolster our talent pool. Using the […]

Week 7 Activity – Automation or Not

 Imagine being an HR manager at KLC company and tasked with creating a Talent and Value Proposition that focuses on creativity, annual budget savings, and possible labor reduction. Leadership has recently learned about a variety of automated solutions to assist with faster production, including artificial intelligence. This solution could shrink the current internal workforce by […]