You are a data analyst with John and Sons Company. The company has a large number of manufacturing plants in the United States and overseas. The company plans to open a new manufacturing plant. It has to decide whether to open this plant in the United States or overseas. What is an appropriate null hypothesis to

Assignment 1: Employee Motivation

Assignment 1: Employee MotivationManagers have observed that employees are of three types: committed, compliant, or resistant. Most organizational leaders prefer committed employees because they exhibit motivation and willingness to sacrifice for the organization. A perceived lack of justice in a myriad of areas very often prevents employees from committing themselves fully to the organization and

Lower Division Capstone

 After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his work and efforts to raise awareness about global warming, he was asked to prepare a white paper on the subject. To enhance his credibility, he plans to present points and counterpoints to the subject.For the subject of Global Warming: Fact or

inherent gender inequality

     examine the issue of inherent gender inequality; how it came about; how it is perpetuated and the benefits that come when there is gender equality in the workplace and in society. You’ll be asked to research how business leaders can better promote gender equality in the workplace. View the Michael Kimmel video on “Why

Communication Audit Project

CONNECTIONSCore competencies:Analytic InquiryUse of Information ResourcesThis assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes :Apply communication theories to organizational communication challengesAnalyze and assess the communication dynamics of an organization through the completion of a communication auditSHRM Competency:Consultation – The ability to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders. PROBLEMWhat are the communication challenges organizations face today?

5-1 Discussion: Temporary Workers

5-1 Discussion: Temporary Workers Previous  Next  Companies generally pay temporary employees lower wages and offer fewer benefits than they extend to their core counterparts. What are some of the possible drawbacks for companies that employ temporary workers? Do you believe that these drawbacks outweigh the cost savings? Explain your reasoning.

How does corona virus spread in the world?

Coronavirus disease globally known as Covid-19, is a viral disease. It is caused by the recently discovered corona virus. The virus is mostly spread through respiratory droplet (saliva) of an infected person, mainly by unprotected sneezing or coughing. There are other secondary ways in which the disease can be spread that is, through touching contaminated

Skills and Technical Training Coaching

  Instructions Instructions: This week you are to write a research paper regarding an actual organization of your choice that is either contemplating using and/or has already implemented the use of a team-based approach to increase productivity and reduce costs. What training issues would the organization be likely to face? How could the organization address

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; EEOC

  Manuel works for CableCast. He has worked there for 15 years as a cable installer. Typically his job involves running cable in tight spaces to help customers put televisions in the best viewing locations in their homes. He does great work and customers always comment that he is friendly and conscientious. Over the past

write 300 words

Students should read the chapter and other research and discuss the ways a HR manager for a commercial airline can develop a realistic job preview for flight attendants. The objective is to give a balanced picture of the job so that applicants will better understand what they will be asked to do. Job duties, schedules