Motivation and Needs Presentation

  Create 4 to 5 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides, in which you analyze physiological needs as they relate to human behavior in a work setting.  Must submit speaker notes. Address the following in your presentation:   Identify and explain the factors that affect workplace behavior. Assess the importance of acquired needs. Cite at least 2 references from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

M4 wk

please see attachment fir directions 

adhd and substance abuse

How would you assess for substance use in adolescents while maintaining a nonjudgmental approach What resources are available to help educate parents on the signs of substance abuse or medication misuse in adolescents who have ADHD? 

IV catheter insertion technique

Discussion Question: You are the Director of Nursing in an Oncology Unit in a large teaching medical center that is university-affiliated. You are concerned that the IV catheter insertion technique and orientation program currently being used with new registered nurses is not as effective as other methods. How would you perform a systematic review of […]