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character evolution

character evolution

Assignment: Character EvolutionSummary

This submission is required for course completion. You may submit this assignment 2 times and the highest grade will be recorded in your grade book.

Assignments are graded in order of submission and usually are returned within 3 – 5 business days. If it has been longer than this timeframe, please contact a student advisor to inquire about the delay.

         Use the checklist below to avoid grading delays:

1.) Is my name clearly on the assignment EXACTLY the way it is documented in my account? (E.g., if your middle initial is in the system, is it on your paper?)

2.) If applicable, have I used one of the required topics for the paper?

3.) Am I uploading the correct assignment?

4.) Have I met the minimum word requirement?

5.) Have I submitted my own work? Plagiarized essays WILL BE FLAGGED and you will need to resubmit a revised version.

6.) Have I used both in-text and bibliographic citations as appropriate?

7.) Have I saved my paper in a format Turn It In can open?

8.) Have I removed any previous comments I received from tutors?

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