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Follow the Catering ,Car modification plant idea. 


Your homework for this week is designed to help you prepare for your idea presentations next week as well as to help you make some final pivots or modifications to your idea. This (along with all readings and quizzes) is DUE BEFORE your next class session.

The first three questions help you finalize your idea and can be used to present your idea next week. Following this is a self-assessment that helps you understand where you are in the process (i.e., have you explored, researched, and thought about your ideas sufficiently). You should be getting the grade you deserve in this course so if you have not done much work you should expect to get a bad to mediocre grade; if you have worked hard, thought deeply, and followed directions you should get a good grade.

Finally, you will work to identify some of the key assumptions that you have made that could either undermine your idea or limit it unnecessarily. Remember anything you think you know but do not have strong evidence for is an assumption. We are looking for two separate lists of assumptions and if you watched the videos carefully this week you should understand what these questions are focused on: 1) assumptions that are necessary for your idea to function but could undermine your idea if they are not true are unknowns that you can research; 2) assumptions that may restrict your thinking and limit your ideas impact or feasibility are assumptions that could or should be ‘busted’ / overturned.

It is difficult to identify your own assumptions so please take some time to think about this and/or share your ideas with others to hear what they think.

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