DEA Assignments:


DEA Assignments:

IDEA is analytical software commonly used in auditing.  There is a link in Start Here to the software which you downloaded in week 1. This software is needed again for assignments this week.  The data files were loaded in week 1 when the software was installed. Remember to use the tutorial videos provided by IDEA.

Graded Activity:

IDEA Assignments –

Open and complete the assigned problem(s) in the attached document for the week and upload your results for grading as instructed.

 Please review the reference material provided. You will be using this software to complete assignments in this class.  If you are unable to load in this software due to your operating system, you may use Tableau but this is not preferred. Reference Material:

  • Demo PowerPoint for IDEA Software  IDEA Workbook Demo – Workbook Section 3.pptx IDEA Workbook Demo – Workbook Section 3.pptx – Alternative Formats
  • Workbook version 10:  IDEA Data Analysis Workbook.pdf IDEA Data Analysis Workbook.pdf – Alternative Formats
  • Workbook version 9:  IDEA 9.0 Workbook.pdf IDEA 9.0 Workbook.pdf – Alternative Formats
  • Additional Videos:

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