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Discussion Board Questions help for Organizational Behavior course– Due 5:30 PM EST TODAY

Answers to questions must be at least 4 sentences.

Due 5:30 PM EST Today!


1) Diversity is a major topic these days. Do we agree?

-Do you believe diversity matters and why?

– Should we treat all employees the same?

– Diversity creates the possibility of discrimination— can companies and management deal with it effectively or is the government required to regulate and why?

2) List the 4 behavioral sciences that contribute to the OB field.

Which one do you believe is the most significant and WHY!

3) f you are a manager and you need to decide on a person to hire……. which of the BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS  would you deem most important and why?



Emotional Stabiliy


Openness to Experience

4)Job satisfaction is critical in all companies.

– In your opinion who is most responsible in an employee’s job satisfaction and why …. the employee, the manager, the company, the government, someone/something else?

5) Do you believe emotional intelligence is  important and can be helpful in improving good organizational issues and why?

6)After reading about many motivational theories!

Which one do you think is most relevant in helping understand what goes on in an organization today?

Do you believe any are totally irrelevant in our business world today? Why?

7) Why are motivation and rewards important?

8)Describe the conditions that foster the growth of a grapevine in an organization.

Do you think a grapevine is a good or bad communication channel?

9) How can you as a manager help individuals become teams players?

10)Who do you believe is the most influential leader in history?


11)List the factors that maintain an organization’s culture.

Which do you believe is the most important?


12) Contrast mechanistic and organic structural models.

Which do you think is the best to work in?

13) 1. Which is more important in a leader: Intuition, Judgment or Creativity? Why?

      2. Why is feedback important?

      3. Name 3 non-verbal communications and explain their importance.

      4. What are the stages of conflict?

      Please tell us what you found to be the most interesting/surprising topic. Will this new knowledge help you          in the future and why! 

      5. Name a common negotiation pitfall and how to overcome it.


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