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Due tomorrow by 7am: Business Plan: Market Research and Evaluation

In Business Plan Milestone Five: Marketing Research and Evaluation, you will submit Milestone Five. The format should be: 

  1. A document in which you present evidence that a market exists for your business (photography). In other words, you must convince investors that a large enough market exists for your product or service and that your business can be competitive in that market. 
  2. Identify the target market of your business and state the size in dollars and units. 
    • How will you remain competitive? 
    • How will customers’ needs be assessed over time? 
    • Who are the main competitors of your business, and 
    • what are their strengths and weaknesses? 
    • What percentage of market share do the competitors have, and what percentage can you expect to get? 
  3. Address pricing policy and how the business’s prices will penetrate the market, maintain its market position, and allow the business to earn a profit. 
  4. Address promotion strategy, distribution strategy, and service policies. 

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