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Edit Final Paper And PPT

Can you please revise the final paper and give me the Summary and Recommendations at the end of the paper.  and then follow the PPT Introduction edit a ppt.  

Slide 1 – Title Slide (Introduction, Team Members, Date)

Slide 2 – Company Background

Slide 3 – Product Overview

Slide 4  BCG – Boston Consulting Group (Where your Product/Brand Fits)

Slide 5 – SWOT (Chart and Conclusions)

Slide 6 – Market Segments and Your Target (PLC and Adoption)

Slide 7 – Competitive Landscape (Key Competitor)

Slide 8 – Product/Brand Positioning (Perceptual Map)

Slide 9 – Pricing Strategy (Compared to Key Competitor)

Slide 10 – Channel Strategy (Diagram)

Slide 11 – Promotion Strategy (IMC Mix)

Slide 12 – Wrap Up (Key Conclusions)


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