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Write a 500 word response where you address each of the following questions below (your entire answer for both questions needs to be only 500 words–not 500 words per question). Be sure to use textual evidence from the readings to support your statements. This initial response needs to be posted by the due date listed on the calender for this assignment.


1. Create a list of all the rules that, according to Rose, interfere with “the blocker'” writing. What rules, if any, do you find yourself forced to follow that seem to get in the way of your writing? Where and when did you learn each rule? Did it come from personal experience? Teachers? Parents? Finally, what does Rose say about these rules and impact on students?

2. Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” and Allegra Goodman’s “Calming the Inner Critic and Getting to Work” both attempt to provide a very honest account of the struggles even professional writers face. Discuss two insights that their texts provided you about the writing process. Do you find the process less intimidating? More? Why?

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