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Ethical Dilemma Report


1. Write a report that discusses an ethical dilemma that you have experienced in your workplace, or a current ethical dilemma case.

2. In your report, discuss the nature of the dilemma, and how you resolved (or tried to resolve) it.

3. Use ethic of care to assess your actions. An effective way to do this is to:

a. Apply theory to your actions using the ‘JEERS’ method (see resource folder.
b. Briefly outline the theory to demonstrate your understanding of it.
c. Apply it to the issue.
d. When you have applied the theory, make a clear statement regarding whether or not your application of theory finds your actions ethical.

4. Discuss whether you might do anything differently now that you have an understanding of ethical theory.

5. As professionals, we have an obligation to others. Explain how your actions may have affected other stakeholders (i.e. anyone who may have been affected by your actions).

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