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 Choose a presidential speech from the Miller Center archives.  (From the time period 1788 to 1877)  .  Write a 3 page paper (900 words) summarizing and explaining the speech. 



1.  Describe main point of the speech.  (3/4 of 1 page approximately)  Use at least short 3 quotations.

2.  Add research to explain the speech and make it meaningful.  Add history.  Describe the events or people associated.  For instance, If you are writing about George Washington’s speech on the crisis in Western Pennsylvania, (Whiskey Rebellion) explain to the reader what the crisis was about.  What happened? How was it resolved? Why was it important?  What did GW think? 

Sources:  You can use the text book, wiki, newspapers, or periodicals.    The best tactic is to get an expert to tell you what is important.  Acknowledge the  the source in the text:  According to Gordon Wood, for example, the significance of this event was…..           

3.  Conclusion.  Have a point. The final paragraph should address the significance of the event or the impact of the speech.   Be specific. For example, “The Whiskey Rebellion was an important test of the federal government’s right to levy a tax.”     

4. Must be well written and edited.  Use paragraphs for organization. 

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