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Gifted Students

Chapter 7 of our text discusses the characteristics of gifted children and a variety of effective instructional methods.  For this discussion, read the article Teaching young children in the regular classroom, Next, respond to the following scenario:

Imagine you spent the day observing either a preschool, elementary, or secondary classroom.  During your observation, one child exhibits behaviors typical of gifted children.

For your post, write a vignette that describes the child and explains why you believe this child may be gifted.  Your vignette should include:

a.  The child name, age and grade level

b.  A brief description of the learning environment 

c.  At least three academic and/or social characteristics the child displayed during your observation that make you believe he/she may be gifted.  Be sure to support your description with information from the characteristics of Gifted and Talented” section of Chapter 7 of your text as well as at least one outside scholarly resource.  

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