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This chapter is heavy on the abstract political ideas that the American Revolution was built upon; democracy, equality, freedom and liberty among others. These were the lofty goals of the revolutionaries but all of these ideas impacted different segments of society differently.  Look at the documents posted in this section and think how different social groups, other than white males, were impacted differently by the American Revolution.

For this chapter write a TWO PAGE  essay that describes: 1. the specific complaints the colonists had against the King and 2. how did marginalized groups (African Americans) feel about that same revolution as described in the documents that are posted in this module.

Make sure you quote Foner at least twice and quote the document once.

You can employ your internet research skills and do additional web browsing to learn more about the ideas  that drove the American Revolution.

Happy Reading and Writing!


The Context of the Hayes poem

The poem by Lemuel Hayes was written at a time when African Americans were not fully accepted into mainstream society. In the North slavery was uncommon and free African Americans could expect to have some rights among communities that were more tolerant. Hayes becomes a minister for over 30 years in Vermont, a state known for its long history of tolerance. But in the South, African American slavery was alive and well and millions of men, women and children were being treated like animals. It is in this context that Hayes wrote this poem. As an African American fighting for the ideals of the Revolution he puts his own existence and the existence of his community on the same table as the revolution itself.

Read the poem several times to understand what he is saying in so few words.

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