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History quetiom


Please answer questions:

1.Benefits and Pitfalls of the First Industrial Revolution

2. Liberalism and Laissez-faire Government

the following topics to address in short essays based primarily on lecture materials but also drawing on a relevant assigned reading (such as Muller, Smalldone, or a primary source). essay should be approximately three to four pages long. 


Statements based on materials from assigned texts (including but not limited to direct quotes) should be given the name of the text and page number, in parentheses, as citations: formal footnotes or endnotes are not necessary. Please do proof-read your answers carefully. 

Your answers should be based on lectures and assigned readings; do not go to outside sources (that includes Wikipedia, other internet sources, encyclopedias, etc.) Finally, please remember that this is an examination and must therefore be entirely your own work. 

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