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i have 5 essay questions Hw i need it in 2 hours

I need to answer the five  essay questions for the world religon class in daoism and confuciansm and i uploaded the reviews and the power point 


the questions are :


1_Explain the relationships between North and South Korea and the past relationship between Japan and China. Describe the results of the Opium War.


2_Explain the origins of Daoism and Confucianism in the Warring States period in Chinese history. List at least two differences between Neo-Confucianism and Confucianism.


3_Define action without assertion in Daoism. List the levels of the Daoist universe.


4_Describe Master K’ung’s (Confucius’) life and why he probably emphasized filial piety. List the five virtues.


5) Explain the saying of the Daodejing, which says the Dao cannot be understood with knowledge or words, that those who know about the Dao do not speak, and those who speak about it, don’t know it.


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