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due March 2nd

Social issues, such as family violence, cannot be adequately addressed without first understanding the theoretical foundations for such behavior. Not all theories are equal and often compete in explaining the etiology of violence. In addition, not all situations involve the same types of stressors, so theory is only one piece of the family violence puzzle.

In this Discussion, you will review the theories presented in the text and the primary stressors that impact familial relationships. You will then hypothesize on how such factors could present themselves in a real-life situation.

To prepare for this Discussion:

·  Review the theories of family violence found in your Learning Resources.

·  Consider primary stressors that could be impacting the family (mental health, substance abuse, day-to-day problems, media overuse, etc.).

·  Choose one of the following theories to address in this Discussion:

o  Psychopathology theory

o  Substance abuse theory

o  Social-psychological model

o  Social learning theory

o  Exchange theory

o  Frustration-aggression theory

o  Ecological theory

o  Sociobiology or evolutionary theory

o  Sociocultural model of family violence

o  Culture of violence theory

o  Patriarchy theory

o  General systems theory

o  Social conflict theory

o  Resource theory

Post a response to the following:

·  Summarize the selected theory and identify stressors that could intensify situations of family violence.

·  Create a fictional case scenario illustrating the theory of family violence you selected, which also portrays primary stressors.

Wallace, H., & Roberson, C. (2016). Family violence: Legal, medical, and social perspectives (8th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

·  Chapter 1, “Characteristics and Consequences of Family Violence” (pp. 1–46)

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