Week 10 Discussion: Informatics Meets Health Care Policy

  Respond to the following question based on this weeks lesson and,  if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience Explain at least two federal laws (health care policies) that have implications for health care informatics. Specifically, what are their implications for health care informatics? What role do nurses play in health care policy that […]

Los Angeles

Explain the history of a historical landmark in LA.

7900 Dis Md2

To prepare: • Read the Fullan (2016) chapters for this module, noting the drivers that contribute to successful change and those elements that undermine it. Think about the educational and community changes you and the task force are envisioning for Grand City and how you might collaborate to implement these changes. • Read the Reed […]

7900 Md1 Assignment

For this Assignment, you will explore your philosophies related to educational change and data as a foundational source for educational and community change.

Eds module 1.dis 2

For this Discussion, you will evaluate programs within your specialization to determine target areas of improvement for educational and social change in Grand City. To prepare: • Review all Learning Resources for this module. Think about the meaning of educational change, the impact of data collection on change initiatives, and the impact of positive social […]

Python Assignment

The questions are in the pdf and the ipynb file attached. The supporting file is also attached.


 The Covid-19 Pandemic shifted many individuals and organizations to work from home (teleworking).  What are some of the challenges, vulnerabilities, and costs associated with teleworking that impact network management, maintenance, and monitoring?