Philosophical – Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 3: Chapter 4:


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Regan and Goneril in “King Lear” by Shakespeare Essay

Regan and Goneril are portrayed with various defiant actions against the inequalities occurring in the contemporary society of the male-dominated world. It is an aspect that makes them be argued as relentless and formidable unfaltering women. These women are known to have great contempt for establishing the epitome of femininity and fertility embodied by Cordelia, […]

Module 6: Project – Implementation Plan

Refer to Week 6 instructions document for more details: Use Week 4 Document as what it was submitted before: Use Module for the presentation. See the Sample for week 6 submitted by the professor for reference as well.

Love and Maturing in “Araby” Story by James Joyce Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The Theme of Love as a Trigger of Maturing Conclusion Work Cited Introduction James Joyce’s short stories comprise a unique category of literature that reflects an intertwined combination of psychological issues, life experiences, the cultural setting of Ireland, and the philosophical implications. The writer is an Irish author who created and […]

The CO2 Laser Technology and Its Application Report

The usage of CO2 laser technology, also known as carbon dioxide laser, has significantly advanced since its introduction in the mid-1960s. The leading field in the usage of CO2 laser technology is medical; other areas such as metal industries are also using the technology in several activities. Generally, laser technology has been incorporated in many […]